For nearly 70 years the Somerset County Orchestra, has been home to an eclectic bunch of wildly enthusiastic local amateur musicians.

The aims of the orchestra are two fold. First, to give amateur music makers the opportunity to come together and play wonderful music. Secondly, to bring great pleasure to local audiences.

Brian Cresswell, a well known figure on the Taunton music scene, conducted the orchestra for an amazing 25 years before handing over the baton to David Hedges, the current conductor, in 2002.

David, who is head of strings at Queen’s College in Taunton, brings a vibrancy and passion to his conducting which draws out performances from the players that are truly uplifting.

The orchestra rehearses on Tuesday evenings and gives three to four concerts a year. They are usually held at Queen’s college but once a year the orchestra performs at St James’ Church, Taunton. Occasionally, when feeling brave, it ventures further afield in the county.

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The article below is from the BBC website and gives a brief history of the orchestra.

Somerset County Orchestra BBC Article