The Orchestra is run by an elected committee of members in collaboration with the Conductor. Elections are held at the annual general meeting.

The committee for 2017 – 2018 is:

Chairman                       Paul Evans (double bass)

Secretary                       Susan Kaufman (cello)

Treasurer                       David Coglan (cello)

Librarian                        Charles Mcadam (viola)

Publicity                        Joanna Coull (violin)

Patrons Secretary         Sue Turner (oboe)

Front of House              Claire Kippen (violin)

Commercial Patrons     Mike Hollis (violin)

Additional Players         Deborah Stanley (flute)


The orchestra also depends on the support of other members and friends who are not on the committee:

Tickets, programmes and promotional material         David Organ
Programme notes                                                      Sarah Cochrane
Concert refreshments                                                David Joysey
Rehearsal refreshments                                            Audrey Axford
Front of house                                                           Members, spouses and friends


Our grateful thanks also goes to Queen’s College for our rehearsal and concert venue